To compliment the match days and to increase the reach of the programme each team could receive increased points for the completion of social action activities in between match days.

The concept was embraced by all teams with examples of social action activities including:

Fulham Boys looking at how young people can improve relationships with the police.

Ashburton and Earls Court Youth Clubs as well as team members from Hazelwood and Alton taking part in various events to highlight the importance of international women’s day

Chelsea FC Foundation takes part in host of events celebrating women in sport | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club

Sands End and Lennox participants highlighting the importance of mental health by taking part in a Q and A with Zecira Musovic from the womens team.

Zecira Musovic shares with Foundation participants how she keeps a healthy mind for Children’s Mental Health Week | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club (

Students from Chelsea Academy taking part in workshops with MIND Mental health charity and linking it to supporting students with exam stress reducing techniques.

Chelsea Foundation: Mental Health Awareness Week round-up | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club (

Pimlico Academy students completing a clear up of litter from their playground (image below).